Our goal is simple: to make great games!  We are looking for innovative partners with the same objective.  PublishingPlus is a mobile game publishing platform that offers:

  • 100% upfront financial support from concept to launch
  • 50/50 split of the net revenue
  • Global marketing & operations on iOS & Android
  • Developer’s continued ownership of their IP

PublishingPlus offers a variety of resources from project completion support, to guidance from an established global leader on mobile with a unique expertise in multi-regional free-to-play live operations.  Depending on the stage of development, support can include:

  • Project financing
  • Art guidance
  • Engineer & tech assistance
  • Design
  • Multi-player balancing
  • Analytics
  • Localization
  • Monetization
  • Launch and live operations services.


Applicants can submit ideas as early as paper documents or as far along as geo-beta.  PublishingPlus uses a 5-tier structure to establish expectations for each stage of development. Applicants are welcome to apply at any tier. If accepted, PublishingPlus will fund per tier. For each green-light, developers will continue on to the next tier and receive additional financial support.










If FunPlus rejects a tier milestone submission and is unwilling to proceed with additional support, Developers will have 2 options to reclaim their rights and code for future use.  If during the PublishingPlus process, a developer has opted to use any FunPlus proprietary code, this will need to be removed before either option becomes available.

Option 1


The developer or another 3rd party can repay the total amount paid to the developer by PublishingPlus within 6 months from date of separation and regain full rights and code.

Option 2


If the developer is unable or chooses not to repay the total amount to PublishingPlus within the established 6 month period, PublishingPlus will be subject to a full repayment and a small passive royalty of ten percent Net if the game is ever released publicly by the developer or any 3rd party.




Executive Bios



Key terms of PublishingPlus include the following:


Application Process You can submit ideas for your game as early as paper documents or as far along as geobeta. If accepted, Funplus will provide the necessary assistance to reach the next tier based on our 5 tier structure. At every tier, there is a review to determine if FunPlus will provide funding for the next tier of development. Financial Support Funplus will provide financial support for your game on a sliding scale per tier anywhere from 1 month of your costs plus 20% for the first tier up to 6 months of your costs plus 20% percent for the fourth and fifth tiers. Reclaiming Your Game Upon reviewing the submission at the conclusion of any tier, if Funplus chooses not to proceed, you will be able to reclaim publishing rights by simply repaying the total amount of financial support paid to you by Funplus.



Funplus shall provide all live operations, customer support hosting and localization services for your game on selected mobile platforms (iOS, Android, etc.).


You retain ownership of your game and all IP rights in your game. FunPlus will receive an exclusive license to publish your game.


Sequels and Derivatives
Funplus will have the exclusive right and option to publish sequels and derivatives to your game on the same terms as your game published under PublishingPlus.


We will share the revenue 50/50, which will be calculated after all the costs of running the game are deducted.


Updates and Support
You will provide updates to the game and technical support as necessary.


Term and Termination
The term is unlimited, but Funplus may decide not to proceed to the next tier with you. If you decide to not continue to the next tier at a time after Funplus agrees that you may advance, you may terminate subject to paying back all financial support paid to you by Funplus.


A full set of Terms and Conditions for PublishingPlus can be found here:

Publishing Agreement


Q: To what extent can PublishingPlus mandate creative or technical decisions?

We are looking for collaborators, but developers are not legally required to take our advice.

Q: Are other platforms besides Mobile allowed?

Not at this time.

Q: Can we use contractors if our team is missing a key member?

Yes. PublishingPlus can help you find them, too!


Q: If I am accepted, are there restrictions on the use of the funds?

Yes. The use of funds is limited to development of the game. You cannot buy  a motorcycle.

Q: Who will retain the IP rights?

The developer.

Q: How closely do you collaborate with teams in the program?

Each team will differ depending on needs and preference, but our goal as your

partner is to provide the necessary resources and guidance to make the project a success.

Q: Are there any limits on team size?

No. We do not limit the number of team members on your project.


Q: How long will the approval process take?

The initial review process can take up to 14 business days. The developer’s availability will determine scheduling for each additional step.

Q: How are the approved applications chosen?

There are multiple steps before an application is actually approved. These include initial review of the submission by our FunPlus executive team, a personal interview and an evaluation panel.

Q: Do I need previous experience to be considered?


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